Training Boutique, LLC - Services
Training Boutique, LLC - Professional Development and Computer Software Training
We Provide the Following Services:

Training Consulting, Academic Advisement, and
Computer Training Services
We carry a wide range of services to suit your needs. Our most popular courses are listed below.
Professional Development Training:
  1. Management Training
  2. Sensitivity Awareness Training
  3. Writing Skills
  4. Communication Skills
  5. Public Speaking
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Teamwork
  8. Academic Advisement
  9. Math Instructtion

Computer Fundamentals :
Microsoft Office 2007/2010 Applications Training - @ 3 hrs. ea. for
6 to 8 sessions Level I Courses:
Microsoft Office Level II Courses: 
(Intermediate to Advance Features) @ 2.5 hrs. ea. for 8 sessions
Microsoft Word 
Microsoft Office Certification Preparation
- Preparation for Microsoft Office Certification Exam
College Preparation Instruction and Online College Admission
@ 2 hrs. ea. for 5 sessions
- Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Exam Preparation, and assist students with online college admission process
Facilitate Seminars or Workshops @ 6.5 hours
- Facilitate a seminar or workshop based on client's interest
Financial Software @ 2 hrs. ea. for 5 sessions
- Quicken, QuickBooks
Civil Service Exam Assistance @ 2 hrs. for 5 sessions
- Students will receive assistance Passing Civil Service Exams, Writing  
  Preparation, and Test Taking Tips 
- Fee is Based on Necessity
Citizenship Testing Prep @ 2 hrs ea. for 5 sessions
Course Development - (Per Event)
- We develop course material based on client's interest
Curriculum Writing -  (Per Event)
-Design curriculum based on client's interest

Paralegal Services

 Call for more information about services and options available to you. 
Thank you.
Education and Training is Key to Your Success!
 Phone:     (212) 690-0109
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